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Giantvintage Sunglasses ❤

Hey lovelies!

My sunglasses from Giantvintage just arrived, i love it so so so much!

Giantvintage is an online store that sells affordable but really nice Vintage and Retro Sunglasses from the 70’s, 80’s and beyond.. !

I personally love this store because they have such a huge variety of sunglasses that can suit  for almost every occasion and they’re a international store that ships worldwide! :)

Now i’ll show you my sunglasses from Giantvintage

The sunglasses I’ve picked are absolutely amazing!! love the shapes and frame colours! it’s just so perfect <3 

This called CORNELIUS tortoise 




Size : 139mm wide x 48mm tall 

Get it here

And this one called SHOW PONY green 




Size : 142mm wide x 45mm tall 

Get it here

This is also my first package I have received from Giantvintage..

The package arrived safely and the glasses didn’t break or anything, it was actually really secure.  it took 12 days to arrive from united states

So yeah.. you should get some sunglasses :)

Check them out :


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